Why is the result almost always not what you expected when lighting a house?

Lightening is a procedure, strong traumatic hair: natural color pigment is completely washed out, and with it many other important elements. That is why, when using not very high-quality formulations and without the supervision of a salon expert, lightening often leads to disastrous consequences: the hair looks dry, lifeless and looks more like straw than luxurious hair, and the final color can upset you great …

The problem is not only the difference between salon hair cosmetics and any other. In theory, a mild clarifying oil can be obtained through familiar hairdressers. Blond Studio, paste without ammonia Blond Studio Platinum (L’Oreal Pro) or combine powder yourself Light Master (Matrix) with a bonder that reduces the harmful effects of discoloration products. But only in the hands of a master professional tools work correctly.

Express hair restoration after lightening

Unfortunately, the process of hair restoration after bleaching will take some time, even if every effort is made to save them.

Here’s exactly what your hair will need during this period:

  • enhanced nutrition and hydration – both inside and outside;
  • absence of any traumatic factors, including thermal styling and complex styling;
  • selection of special restorative products – shampoos, conditioners, masks, rinsed out treatments and even styling products;
  • daily hair care procedures – in the salon or in at home.

But what tricks stylists advise to use after lightening hair.

restore hair after unsuccessful lightening
hair lightening at home
  • Dry your hair properly

You should not intensively dry your hair with a towel: this is not useful even for healthy hair, and damaged curls are all the more difficult to tolerate such a procedure.

  • Pick up a new comb

If you are using a stiff brush, it is best to change it temporarily to a regular wooden comb that does not hurt your hair.

  • Dry your hair cold

If need blow dry hair after all, there is, choose the coldest mode and do not dry your hair to the end.

  • Protect your hair from UF rays

Try not to go out in the sun without a headdress or use special hair products with SPF.

This is how leave-in care works Keep Me Vivid (Matrix) and smoothing serum Liss Control (L’Oreal Pro)… Sunscreens in their formulations transform ultraviolet light into harmless heat.

And do not hesitate to contact your salon professional for an assessment of the condition of your hair: perhaps he will recommend cutting off the ends that are most damaged, or try salon procedures for a comprehensive and deep restoration of your hair.

To deal with the effects of unsuccessful hair bleaching as quickly as possible, it is important to choose the right restorative care products. Today there are many expert solutions for the care of damaged curls: based on oils (argan, coconut, almond or olive), as well as containing keratin, ceramides, vitamins and minerals.

We will tell you what tools our experts recommend.

All the power of the oils in this product is aimed at nourishing and moisturizing damaged hair. Shampoo leaves hair soft, supple and shiny without weighing it down.

@Onion: “The shampoo can be used without balm and conditioner, because it is not difficult to comb your hair after using it. The shampoo did not cause dandruff or irritation of my scalp (it is still sensitive and reacts to some products with itching). I also like that the shampoo doesn’t dry out the hair. “

It works great when paired with a leave-in cream Mythic Oil, enriched with argan and almond oils. And with noticeable fragility, shampoo will help to cope with the problem Inforcer… By itself, a cleanser for discolored hair should only delicately remove dirt and not dry out, so stylists advise complementing this treatment mask and indelible cream from this range.

The action of the shampoo is based on the creation of the thinnest film on the surface of damaged hair in order to protect it from external influences and restore the structure. Plumps hair and strengthens hair follicles.

Conditioning balm fills in the voids in damaged hair structure and instantly gives the curls a healthy look. A unique complex of lipids and other active ingredients allows the hair to return the lost shine, flexibility and vitality.

@EkaterinaBU: “Conditioner gives softness. And it is true. The last time my hair was so soft was probably in my childhood, when I didn’t dye it. Conditioner doesn’t weigh hair down at all. They are nourished, but do not look heavy. Immediately after washing, the hair is voluminous and airy. The next day, the volume decreases, as my hair is oily at the roots, but the softness and airiness remain in place. “

The concentrated remedy restores the hair, restoring it smoothness and obedience. The formula of the mask with proteins and moisturizing ingredients restores the normal hydrobalance of the hair shaft and strengthens it along its entire length – this is exactly what the strands need after unsuccessful lightening.

The regenerating composition of the mask is specially designed for severely damaged hair and is based on the action of wheat protein and golden quinoa extract, which compensate for the lack of natural intercellular filling of the hair. This is a must have in cases where the strands resemble lifeless straw, which often happens with frequent discoloration.

@VikaBlond: “Only this mask really revived and restored the tow on my head. By the way, I stopped using a hairdryer and an iron … And the hair does not fly or frizz even without such styling. They look shiny, elastic, very easy to comb, do not split, have gained density … They shine like silk in the sun. “

For those with thin hair that quickly becomes heavier due to nourishing formulas, there is a similar mask Absolut Repairbut with a light golden texture – it will relieve superficial damage at the cuticle level. The hair after it is very natural and does not get dirty ahead of time.

A firming mask specially formulated to deeply care and restore bleached or bleached hair. It is able to restore the protective surface of the hair and take care of long-term nutrition between uses.

@ElenaMX: “After this mask, I look at my hair and I don’t find any split or broken hairs.”

Our experts advise to periodically replace this or any other effective mask for your hair with a concentrate. Pro Longer (L’Oreal Professional). It contains a unique technological filler that fills the areas damaged by lightening, which allows the hair to remain evenly dense at the roots and at the ends.

A product based on a bioactive thermal system, designed for the care of dry and lifeless hair, especially after lightening or bleaching. Saturates hair with essential moisture and instantly revitalizes hair.

The oil helps to make hair light, manageable and elastic, protects damaged ends from high temperatures and restores a well-groomed look. A separate bonus for bleached hair is a powerful antifreeze effect.

Thermal protection works in a similar way Nutrifier with glycerin and coconut oil – it is suitable for those who prefer creamy textures.


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