The World Health Organization is asking people to stop wearing medical masks. By listening to this WHO recommendation, you can reduce the likelihood of contracting coronavirus. This is not the opinion of an individual mad scientist or humor, but serious passions flare up around this advice.

Many respected doctors have come to the conclusion that a medical mask is harmful. Hushing up their opinion or delivering it in the form of a sensation, which someone is hiding from the common people, is to stimulate the panic moods already present in society. In order not to give a chance to provocateurs, you need to understand the issue.

Sick people need masks!

The reasoning for avoiding medical masks is noteworthy. It relies on facts from our everyday life, reveals the serious problem of the lack of a large number of people around the world of basic knowledge about protection against infections and correct habits. It is worth considering it before drawing conclusions.

Arguments of WHO experts

The man bought a medical mask and put it on. Now you can read a lecture about how it should fit in size, fit snugly to the face, that it cannot be worn around the clock … Mentioning the typical mistakes that our hero is capable of making, we need to remember the especially “household” ones who are ready to boil this disposable product or lend to a friend. It turns out corny.

WHO doctors have noticed a number of serious mistakes in wearing masks, which are not in the above list. It is these actions that contribute to the spread of the coronavirus:

  • A person constantly corrects the mask on his face, forgetting to treat his fingers with an antiseptic before that.
  • The presence of a mask on the face is perceived as complete protection from the coronavirus. Having fulfilled this requirement, a person forgets about all other recommendations.

The only people who are strongly advised by WHO experts to wear masks are people who have symptoms of the disease, as well as the medical staff who works with patients.

To protect against the virus, only a special mask with a high degree of filtration is suitable
To protect against the virus, only a special mask with a high degree of filtration is suitable


All people assess their health condition differently. They also treat information about the coronavirus epidemic differently. A person who is convinced that nothing bad can happen to him, starting to cough, will find some innocent reason for the symptom. Will he spread more or less infection if he wears a medical mask? Precisely less, because he will not be able to breathe into the faces of others and it will be more difficult for him to scratch his nose.

Fulfilling one requirement “for the sake of a tick”, people tend to act in the same way mechanically when they are asked to do something else similar. Citizens who wear medical masks and do not want to wash their hands are not doing this because they are closely monitoring information on the prevention of coronavirus. Surely they were given protective equipment at the place of work, having forgotten to supply instructions on other precautions. The blame for their behavior lies entirely with their superiors – poorly informed and ill-prepared to face the danger.

If we now urge everyone to take off their medical masks, the situation will not improve.

  • Having got rid of the uncomfortable “muzzle”, individual citizens will even get the opportunity to bite a nail.
  • The disappearance of masked comrades from the streets in the mass consciousness will be regarded as a victory over the coronavirus and the abolition of all measures to prevent infection.
  • Massive violations of security rules will result in conflicts with law enforcement officers.
The only enemy that really exists today is the coronavirus
The only enemy that really exists today is the coronavirus


The popularity of masks and their availability on sale cannot teach people all over the planet to wash their hands with soap and not scratch themselves. The habits of not touching the face with your hands, not correcting your hair in public and, moreover, not picking your nose in our society are instilled from childhood in the family circle. For centuries, some people have been taught this and others not, making hygiene a kind of tradition. When education became generally available, the education of a culture of behavior was somehow forgotten.

Everyone can draw conclusions from all of the above. Wearing or not wearing a medical mask is also a personal matter for everyone.

I just do not want the discussion of this important issue to be reduced to a division into camps “for” and “against”, which in principle do not want to listen to other people’s arguments. Medicine is not a place to conduct hostilities, support “our candidates” and search for enemies and their conspiracies.

Wearing or not wearing a medical mask is everyone's personal business.
Wearing or not wearing a medical mask is everyone’s personal business.

  • The only enemy that really exists today is the coronavirus, direct your energy to fight it: become more careful, make modern hygiene standards an integral part of your everyday life and pass on useful skills to your household.

Before putting on a medical mask, try to objectively assess your behavior style. Feel free to admit your mistakes. If you find any statements in this material too emotional and aggressive – forgive me, please. Make an informed decision about your health and the health of your loved ones.




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