Why not ditch layering and opt for a smaller coat?

When you buy a winter coat, you will need enough space to put on the base coat. This layer plays a critical role in keeping you warm and dry as you enjoy the fresh air. The main function of the base coat is to wick moisture away and keep it dry. The best base layers are thin and tight to the body. Base layers are also called long pants or long underwear. Stay away from cotton if possible. Cotton absorbs moisture and then your body heat.

Wearing cotton in the cold will make you feel colder and increase your risk of hypothermia and frostbite. The most effective base layer will be merino wool or synthetic material. Personally, I like merino wool, but that’s just me. Merino wool is soft, comfortable and works wonders when it comes to keeping sweat away from the body. Merino wool is usually more expensive than synthetics, but even so, both fibers are excellent choices for a base layer.

Now that you have your base coat, you need to leave enough room in your new beautiful winter coat for the middle coat. The only function of the middle layer is to insulate your body. The middle layer tries its best to keep your body warmth at the proper level. The middle coat is usually more bulky than the base coat, so you need a little more room in this nice warm coat. The middle layer is usually a fleece coat, vest or down jacket. Fleece is usually thick and can take up many square feet inside your coat. But on cold days, you won’t want to leave that behind.


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