Why people love the taste and smell of coffee so much

I never drank coffee to cheer up. He has always been a drink for me that I want to drink just for pleasure. And the older I get, the more attention I start to pay to quality, taste and smell of coffee.


Coffee beckons with its heady aroma, you want to enjoy it. And the magic happens already at the moment of making your favorite drink. For example, for me it has long been a special morning ritual. Why do people love coffee so much and sometimes they can’t refuse it? We will talk about this today.

The smell of coffee

The famous Russian poet and writer Dmitry Vodennikov once wrote:

“The doctor forbade me coffee. I drank it for about forty years. When the first family ban fell (“coffee is harmful”). I drank instant, then drank from a Turk, then again instant; drank with milk, drank black, drank with sugar, drank without sugar; I always ordered coffee on the plane. Coffee put me to sleep, coffee woke me up, I liked the taste of coffee.

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Coffee promised adulthood, coffee did not deceive. He was the only love drink. As for Tristan and Isolde. As for Romeo and Juliet, for Hector and Achilles. “Let’s have a coffee somewhere?” – “Do you have coffee in bed?” There is an abyss of love between the two phrases. (By the way, at the end of the tragedy, Juliet poisoned herself with tea.)

Coffee could not stand the neuter. Pushkin was drinking coffee. Tolstoy was drinking coffee. Harms. After all, coffee reduces the likelihood of developing Parkinson’s disease and dementia. Now they told me: “Drink chicory, it’s good.”

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Well. The river is also a sea for those who have never seen a real sea. Goodbye Pushkin, Tolstoy and Kharms, hello Alzheimer. When the Lord wants to punish, he takes away the mind. It’s outdated. When the Lord wants to punish, he takes away the coffee. But God is merciful and omnipotent. In paradise we will be given a large cup of multi-colored mocha, and we will get nothing for it. “

Why people love coffee

The love for coffee has several reasons. Someone drinks this drink because it helps him to be vigorous and energetic throughout the day. Moreover, this often increases a person’s productivity during work. And someone likes himself taste and smell of coffee.

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As you know, these indicators depend on varieties of coffee beans… Arabica is more aromatic and sourish. And robusta, on the contrary, has a pronounced strength. To make the taste of the drink balanced, both varieties are mixed in different proportions. Most often you can find a ratio of 50: 50. But, for example, I prefer when there is more robusta, since I don’t like sour arabica.

Research scientists

Scientists from all over the world are studying one very interesting question: “Do a person’s taste preferences depend on a genetic predisposition?” I tend to believe not, as I am convinced that tastes can change over time. However, how does it actually work?


For example, biologists from Northwestern University in the United States conducted an unusual experiment. Firstly, they conditionally divided all drinks into bitter and sweet. Secondly, the scientists studied information from the UK biobank, namely the questionnaires in which people gave information about their diet.

Then they compared the findings with genetic studies. It turned out that taste preferences do not depend on taste genes, but on genes that are associated with the psychoactive properties of specific drinks. These properties are responsible for how the body will react to a particular substance.

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In other words, if we talk specifically about coffee, then people just like what how does he make them feel… However, based on this study, exactly the same can be said about alcoholic beverages.

If you like to drink coffee, do not forget that everything should be in moderation. I remember the times when I drank 3-4 servings a day, and it seemed to me quite normal. But you shouldn’t do that!

Tell us in the comments how often you drink coffee and why you do it in the first place. Thank you for staying with us!

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