Why shouldn’t you skip your morning meal? Debunking breakfast myths

Why is it so important not to skip your morning meal and what myths about breakfast are not confirmed? Let’s try to sort out these issues together.

Morning is the time of day when a person must tune himself in to a new fruitful day, put his thoughts in order, and recharge with vital energy. The right breakfast will help him in this. Food should be beneficial and enjoyable – this is an important requirement, which, according to doctors and nutritionists, must meet the morning meal.

There are many false myths and stereotypes about breakfast that should not be believed.

Some ladies hope to lose weight by skipping breakfast. However, this is wrong. The myth “who does not eat breakfast, he loses weight” has no scientific basis. Statistics show the opposite.

  • People who neglect their morning meal are more prone to gaining excess weight than those who regularly eat breakfast. The fact is that having remained hungry in the morning, a person “makes up” for lost time at lunch and dinner, as well as through frequent snacks during the day. Such a mode of food intake threatens the appearance of unwanted centimeters at the waist.

The second popular myth is: “Eat breakfast yourself, and give lunch to a friend.” Many people take this saying as an indication to have a hearty breakfast, and not as a recommendation not to skip your morning meal. And this is a serious mistake. Not all of us can put on the table in the morning dense heavy food.

Pierre Auguste Renoir, Breakfast of the Rowers, 1881

If a person is sedentary and works in an office, this breakfast will not be good for him. He may well have breakfast with porridge, vegetable salad, dried fruits, toast with jam and a cup of tea.

If a person leading a sedentary lifestyle chooses very satisfying food in the morning, there is a risk that during work he will struggle with drowsiness.

A hearty breakfast is indicated for hard physical work. If you have a busy day and have to move a lot, it makes sense to have breakfast with an omelette with bacon, meat or fish dishes, and a sandwich with meat. In this case, protein-rich foods are indicated.

When choosing foods for a healthy breakfast, the age of the eater should also be taken into account. The younger the person, the more “energetic” should be food for the morning intake.

Another myth: ready-made breakfasts are ideal for a morning meal. Nutritionists advise not to get carried away with such food.

Quick porridge is not as healthy as regular porridge cooked from cereals. The grains in breakfast cereals are pre-processed, during which they are deprived of most of the nutrients they contain. In addition, the manufacturers of porridge minutes often improve their taste by adding a lot of sugar, salt, harmful additives, and flavorings. You cannot have breakfast with such a product every day. There is a risk of harm to health.

Why shouldn't you skip your morning meal?  Debunking breakfast myths
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Another common myth is that the right breakfast doesn’t taste good. To most people, it looks like a plate of oatmeal cooked in water. Few people will find such food appetizing and tasty.

However, nutritionists say that a person should not eat oatmeal alone in the morning. Correct breakfast should consist of:

  • cereals;
  • fruit;
  • fermented milk products.

This combination will provide the eater with energy for the whole day, vitamins and minerals necessary for his health, as well as make up for the lack of proteins in the body.

Do not give up a full morning meal. Treat breakfast like a fascinating gastronomic story. Pamper yourself with healthy and tasty dishes, try new breakfast recipes. Let food in the morning give you not only a charge of vitality, but also a good mood! This will help you stay alert, able-bodied, and cheerful all day long.


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