Why the door of the washing machine should be kept open after finishing the wash

When putting things in order in the bathroom or in the kitchen, the hostesses always try to give the rooms a perfect appearance. Faucets should shine with a pristine chrome shine, towels should hang evenly and only on their hooks. And the door of the washing machine simply does not have the right to swing freely on its hinges, the machine looks much better when closed. But the tightly closed hatch of the washing machine in the future can bring closer the moment of its repair.

We read the instructions

If you do not ignore the reading of the instructions for the washing machine, then you can understand for yourself that after the end of the washing process, the door of the device should be kept ajar. Unfortunately, people often do not pay any attention to some points of official instructions. But compliance with this absolutely simple rule can prolong the performance of useful household appliances.

Professional repairmen point out that it is often the tightly closed hatch that causes various problems.

Problems with a tightly closed washing machine door

After washing, a certain amount of water remains in the machine, which accumulates at the bottom of the tank, on the walls of the drum and in the folds of the sealing rubber of the hatch. When the hatch is closed, moisture simply cannot evaporate anywhere. Hence the following problems arise:

  • High humidity has a negative effect on the metal parts of equipment.
  • Constant dampness encourages bacterial growth and mold growth.
  • A persistent unpleasant odor appears inside the tank, which can be difficult to get rid of.
  • If wet laundry is left in such a machine for 3 hours, then it will be saturated with this smell.

When the hatch is tightly closed, the sealing rubber is constantly compressed. It retains its elasticity better with the door open.

What actions should be taken after the end of the wash

It is not necessary to keep the hatch wide open after washing. It is enough to open it a few centimeters. But before that, you should wipe the accessible places of the drum and the folds of the seal with a dry cloth. In addition, it is necessary to rinse and dry the detergent drawer, as mold often forms there too. Keeping this compartment slightly open will improve overall ventilation of the unit.

If there are small children and pets in the house

An open machine must be out of the reach of children and pets. A small child can not only break the door, deciding to hang on it a little, but also get inside the drum. That sometimes turns into a breakdown of the mechanism, and the call of rescuers. There are times when children get very stuck and cannot get out without the help of professionals. If a cat or a puppy gets into the drum, then they may simply not be noticed among the linen.

It is imperative to ventilate the machine, but with small children you will have to do this either at night or during daytime sleep.

With small animals, the contents of the tank should be checked well before starting the wash.

Do you dry your washing machine after finishing the wash process?


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