Why we love Grimes

An alien girl with an unearthly voice and like a revived heroine of a computer game – all this is about Grimes, one of the brightest singers of our time. Claire Boucher – this is the real name of the singer – was born in Canada, in a Franco-Italian-Ukrainian family. Grandma Grimes spoke excellent Russian and instilled in her a love of Russian poetry and literature. That is why in the work of the girl there are often references to famous works, and on Instagram there are funny signatures in Russian.

Today Grimes is celebrating his 32nd birthday, and the coming year is definitely a special one for the girl. Together with her boyfriend Elon Musk, the singer is expecting a baby. The millionth army of fans is also looking forward to a happy event. And we do not miss the opportunity to once again confess to Grimes in love and remember how she conquered everyone.

Ability to excel at any social event

Grimes is not a frequent guest at dinner parties and social events, but she can be found at specialized awards and, for example, at the Met Gala, which was postponed indefinitely this year. The singer chooses exclusively what is consonant with her stage image, therefore she often finds herself in the spotlight. Suffice it to recall her spectacular appearance at the Ball of the Costume Institute in 2018 – this was her first official appearance with Elon Musk. As for the dress, the singer developed it together with her boyfriend.

Elon Musk and Grimes at the 2018 Met Gala

© He was arrested

Bold makeup

Grimes is not afraid of bright eyeshadow, black lipstick, and neon pink blush. Perhaps she is the only one to whom all this suits. The singer recently revealed how much time she spends in front of the mirror and showed how to replicate her favorite fantasy makeup. For themed parties, it is quite possible to take note.

Muse of designers

The image of the singer inspires not only fans of her work, but also famous designers. For example, Stella McCartney and the Malawi sisters. Grimes was the face of the adidas by Stella McCartney collection and featured in the Rodarte lookbook.

Grimes in the Rodarte Fall-Winter 2018 Lookbook

Not only a singer

Lyrics and music Grimes writes and produces independently. She also thinks over all her fantastic videos. In this case, she practically does not trust anyone, except for her brother – Mac Boucher. It is he who helps the singer with the concept and implementation of all video ideas.

Miss Anthropocene

The long-awaited album, tracks from which every now and then merged into the network before the official release, was released in early 2020 and was unanimously recognized as almost the best in the singer’s career. Grimes does not deny this either – she worked on the LP for almost three years and put her whole soul into it.


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