Why women after 40 should extend their eyelashes

how to choose them correctly

Many girls use eyelash extensions to look attractive. Also, with the transience of life, extension helps to save time and not waste it on daily eye makeup. After all, with false eyelashes, the eyes always look expressive, and the look becomes very deep.

Many women aged 40+ are embarrassed to resort to the extension procedure for fear of looking vulgar and ridiculous. In fact, an older woman with such eyelashes has a number of advantages.


  1. With age, many women have a dull and tired look. Build-up helps to restore the same depth to the look, and beauty to the eyes.
  2. A woman with false eyelashes always looks younger and more interesting. Therefore, it is worth considering this method in order to look more effective.
  3. Many women have the problem of overhanging the upper eyelid over the eyes. Because of this, it is often difficult to make up eyes without eyelid prints. The extension procedure will save the fair sex from such a problem.

As you can see, building up has a number of benefits for older women. However, it is worth considering that when choosing eyelashes, you must take into account some rules so as not to look vulgar.


  1. First of all, you should pay attention to the thickness of the eyelashes. Women over 40 are not advised to choose eyelashes thicker than one millimeter. Then they will look as natural as possible.
  2. It is impossible to extend eyelashes in bundles, only separately. The density will be natural, not artificial.
  3. Avoid black eyelashes. They visually age and are too conspicuous. It is best to choose a dark brown eyelash color. They are suitable for all age women. As for black eyelashes, only brunettes can afford them.
  4. Eyelashes that are too long look unnatural, even when their owner is a young girl. There is no need to talk about an elderly woman. The length should be close to the natural length of the eyelashes. The bend should also be natural, not artificial.

If a woman after forty decides to build up eyelashes, then it is better to do it with a professional master. He will help you choose the best eyelashes for a particular woman.


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