Why you can’t do the fashionable BB Glow procedure. Explains the cosmetologist

Our expert: Anna Smolyanova, cosmetologist, author of the book “Handbook of a cosmetic maniac”

A trip to a beautician will not be a risky step if you arm yourself with all the necessary, and most importantly, truthful information.

The BB GLOW procedure (also called “Radiant skin” or “Foundation effect for a year” came to us from Asian countries and is based on the introduction of pigments into the epidermal layer that create a beautiful tone. For the first time this procedure was advertised in Russia by Maria Pogrebnyak, the cost started from 25 The details of the procedure were not disclosed at that time, and the author of the method (Alena Kutaliya) said that the composition of the funds used was not disclosed until the patent was obtained. But judging by the video of the procedure, the following conclusions can be drawn that speak of the danger of the method.

1. The product applied to the skin resembles a foundation of various shades and is unlikely to be a sterile preparation, which means it poses a threat of tissue infection;

2. The apparatus used to apply the foundation, visually very similar to a dermapen with a set of needle-defined diameter and length. In Russia, he is not certified for work;

The cells of the upper layer of the epidermis are completely renewed within 28-35 days. What effect for a year can we talk about in this case?

3. The author of the method claims that the effect lasts for a year, but at the same time tonal serum is injected into the upper layers of the epidermis, which is the main contradiction, because the upper layer of the epidermis is represented by corneocyte cells (horn cells), which tend to slough off and completely renew themselves within 28-35 days. What effect for a year can we talk about in this case?

4. If the tonal serum is injected deeper, then we get the effect of a tattoo on the face, which is associated with a number of consequences, since the basis of light shades is titanium oxide and zinc dioxide. In addition, it may contain iron preparations that provide red color, and when exposed to a number of anti-aging laser techniques on the skin of the face, a reaction may occur, and the red will turn blue or black.

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5. In addition, we shouldn’t rule out a change in our skin tone. in the process of tanning, and it is very difficult to predict how we will combine a natural tan with a pigment of unknown composition and origin clogged under the skin.

Too cheap and too effective. How do cosmetologists deceive us?

6. I would like to note that of all the colors in tattoos, it is the white component of the pigment that does not respond to laser exposure, which can turn yellow over time, so even a slight mistake in choosing the depth of injection can not only provoke the development of an infectious process on the face, but also lead to irreversible skin pigmentation.

As a cosmetologist, I do not recommend this procedure to my patients and I consider it extremely dangerous, with which most of my colleagues agree. And the drop in demand for it confirms the sharp decline in prices. Now Instagram specialists are asking for 3000 rubles for it.


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