Why you need a safari jacket this spring

If with the onset of the warm season you are faced with the question of which lightweight outerwear to invest in, we have the answer. From season to season, only one jacket returns to the catwalks, which always hits the very heart of fashionistas and gets into current trends. We are talking, of course, about a safari-style jacket, like Meryl Streep’s in the iconic 1985 film Out of Africa. Initially, by the way, he was male, and only Yves Saint Laurent in the middle of the last century dared to dress in the same woman.


So, then it remains to find out how interesting it is to wear a classic attribute of women’s wardrobe this spring. We advise not to neglect the somewhat military aesthetics of this thing and combine it with trousers made of thick cotton or soft beige suede. You can also take inspiration from Victoria Beckham and Wardrobe.NYC co-founder and Vogue Australia fashion director Christine Centenera by wearing this jacket with slit pants. We are convinced that it will absolutely never go out of fashion and you can even pass it on to your children. So use the time in self-isolation to put together a truly capsule wardrobe.

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