Why you shouldn’t choose one style of manicure and pedicure

When a girl has a beautiful manicure and pedicure, she feels confident. However, the question often arises: should the varnish on the fingers and toes be the same? How to choose the right color in accordance with the latest fashion trends?

A couple of years ago, the same color nail polish was in fashion. Today, trends have changed, the same nails on the hands and feet are considered bad manners. Moreover, it is not very convenient. The nail polish holds less on the fingers, so the nails have to be repainted more often. Despite the fact that the color of the varnish will be different, it should look harmonious. Therefore, there are general principles for combining varnishes with each other.

By color

Colors should be combined according to the following principles:

  • Varnishes in one color scheme always look stylish. Usually a varnish is chosen with a difference in shades of 1-2 tones. It should be borne in mind that the varnish on the legs should be darker than on the hands.Why you shouldn't choose one style of manicure and pedicure
  • It is customary to select varnish for clothes. Then they combine varnishes that harmonize well. For example, on the legs red or burgundy, and on the hands – coral shades.
  • Complementary colors are also a great solution. It can be yellow and green or lime and purple.
  • Dark bottom and light top also look great together. As for the combination of colors, here the girl can give free rein to her imagination.Why you shouldn't choose one style of manicure and pedicure
  • Neon and neutral color. Neon lacquer draws attention to itself. This means that the second varnish should be neutral and not stand out against the neon background.
  • Multicolor top and solid bottom. Many girls prefer multicolor manicure. Then the masters propose to cover the toenails with one of the colors present in the multi-color manicure.

By texture

Today, varnish of the most different textures are on sale. You can do a variety of options:

  • Glossy and matte look good, moreover, here you can choose where to cover your nails with matte varnish, and where to glossy.
  • Sequins with gloss always look bright and attract attention. It is customary to apply glitter to fingernails.Why you shouldn't choose one style of manicure and pedicure
  • A voluminous varnish is also chosen for the hands, and the nails on the feet are painted with a smooth varnish.
  • Metal and matte can be easily combined, focusing on the hands.Why you shouldn't choose one style of manicure and pedicure

By design

If a girl prefers to do a bright manicure with a bright design, then the pedicure should look calm and not “scream” with the saturation of the shade.

With such a variety of all kinds of combinations, each girl will be able to choose a suitable option for herself.

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