Why you shouldn’t dye your hair with henna and how to wash off its color from your hair

Some women still dye their hair with henna, believing that such dyeing will not damage the hair structure, but, on the contrary, will make it healthier. In fact, this is not true. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t dye your hair with henna.

The reasons

  1. One small packet of henna contains a large amount of heavy metals. Without them, the hair will not be able to acquire a reddish tint. It is worth remembering that these metals will penetrate the scalp, and then they will spread throughout the body.
  2. After henna, the hair becomes drier and brittle, although many women do not attach much importance to this. This is due to the fact that very small particles of henna penetrate under the scales of the hair, thereby making the hair heavier. This leads to their fragility.
  3. For women who dye their hair with henna, the ends of the hair are always darker. This happens because the coloring pigment accumulates on the tips the most. It is very difficult to get it out.
  4. After henna, it is difficult to dye your hair any other color with hair dye. This is because the result can be unpredictable.
  5. It is not as easy to wash off henna from hair as it seems at first glance.

Ways to wash henna from hair

  1. Henna is hard to remove. Therefore, many hairdressers suggest dyeing hair with basma over henna. Instead of a reddish color, it will turn out to be dark brown.
  2. Washing in the salon will not cost a woman so cheap, but she will be able to get rid of the unwanted color.
  3. You can purchase professional henna removers and apply them at home. It will cost much less than in the salon.
  4. If 1-2 days have passed since the dyeing, then henna can still be washed off with hair masks.

Hair masks

  1. Regular sour cream must be warmed up and applied to the hair, distributing it along the entire length. It will help neutralize the coloring pigment. If there is no sour cream, then kefir will do. True, it does not stick to the hair as well as sour cream.
  2. Red pepper tincture also helps to wash away henna. A few pods of red hot pepper are infused with vodka, and then the infusion is rubbed into the scalp and applied to the hair. The effect is good, but this way you can remove fresh henna when it has not yet had time to be absorbed.
  3. An onion mask helps, where juice is obtained from the onion, and then it is rubbed into the hair. However, this mask has a significant disadvantage – a very persistent smell.

If a week has passed since the staining, then you can get rid of henna only with the help of professional means.


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