Why you shouldn’t use cheap shampoo and balm

You can hear debate about whether to buy expensive shampoo and hair balm. Some say that a cheap remedy is also suitable. It washes hair just as well. Therefore, there is practically no difference between expensive and not very expensive means. Others claim that cheap shampoo is made from cheap ingredients. Therefore, you should not buy it. The same applies to hair balm.

To understand who is right, you need to compare expensive and budget hair care products.

Cheap funds

It’s all about the ingredients that are so abundant in inexpensive shampoos.

  1. The most common and dangerous ingredient is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). It is a very cheap detergent made from coconut oil. It is used not only as a component for washing hair, but also in detergents for washing dishes and machines. SLS degreases engines in cars.Why you shouldn't use cheap shampoo and balm

One can only imagine what harm a shampoo containing this substance can bring. No wonder it is considered one of the most harmful and dangerous components for humans.

Scientists have proven the relationship between SLS and the development of cataracts. The harmful substance accumulates and gradually contributes to the development of this disease. It also breaks down the protein that makes up both hair and skin. Therefore, the hair becomes lifeless and dry. Dandruff or dermatitis may appear. It is worth considering: do you need to save on yourself?

  1. Diethanol, which is added to cheap shampoos, is just as dangerous. It helps the products to foam. However, diethanol is a dangerous carcinogen. It leads to liver and kidney cancer. Despite this, it continues to be added to hair products.Why you shouldn't use cheap shampoo and balm
  2. Refined products are also found in inexpensive hair care products. They cause an allergic reaction at best.
  3. Dyes that give color to cheap shampoo are also harmful. Dyes are so harmful that they can get into the skin, and some into human blood.Why you shouldn't use cheap shampoo and balm

Expensive funds

Unlike cheap shampoos and balms, expensive products do not contain components that can cause serious harm to health. There are whole lines that are engaged in the production of natural products.

After several times of using expensive products, the girl will notice the difference between the economical option and the more expensive one.

As you can see, the comparison is not in favor of cheap shampoos and hair balm. Therefore, hairdressers advise not to save on yourself and purchase a product in accordance with your hair type.Why you shouldn't use cheap shampoo and balm



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