Why you shouldn’t use household hair dye and what to replace it with

Every woman used household hair dye at least once. The consequences of changing color in this way can be very different. It often happens that the result does not meet expectations.

To avoid such a situation, hairdressers advise using professional hair dye. The reasons are named as follows:

  • The most significant difference is that for professional paints you need to purchase an oxidizer separately. Therefore, each girl can choose an oxidizer with the percentage that is required in order to obtain the desired shade. As for household paints, they come with a standard 9 percent oxidizer. It turns out that the girl herself cannot regulate the intensity of the paint. Because of this, it often turns out not the option that we would like to get.
  • An unpleasant surprise when dyeing hair with household paint is an unpleasant surprise. The dye on the hair roots does not fall on the ends. The roots are colored lighter. It doesn’t look very attractive.
  • With each shampooing, household paint is washed off, hair begins to fade. As a result, the color becomes incomprehensible and looks stale. Higher quality professional paint. It is washed off more slowly.
  • To achieve the desired result and get the desired shade, hairdressers can mix different colors of professional paint. Do not mix household dye. What color will turn out, if you do this, do not predict in advance.
  • Any paint box has a picture of the final result. Women often complain that the hair color in the picture does not match what it turns out in reality. This never happens with professional paint. There you can immediately see the hair color that will turn out.
  • The big plus of professional dyeing paints is that they also mean hair care. Therefore, the dyeing is more gentle in comparison with household dye, where hair care is not expected.
  • Shop paints are much more likely to be allergic than professional paints.

The advantages of professional paints are obvious. A woman should pay attention to this and replace household paints with those products used by professionals.

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