Will the plaster help against mimic wrinkles?

Sticking a piece of plaster on the “critical” area is a well-known folk method of dealing with facial wrinkles at home. Proponents of this method call the whole several advantages before expensive “salon” procedures: and significantly lower cost, and the absence of side effects, and the complete absence of contraindications.

An important argument in favor of the “home” method, in addition, is the absence of traces from injections and the painlessness of the procedure (many avoid “beauty injections” precisely because of the discomfort during this manipulation).

However, if desired, you can find and disadvantages of using the patch… For example, an unstable result: if you do not change the usual facial expressions, a fold on the skin will begin to form again immediately after removing the patch. Although, to some extent, this disadvantage is compensated by the availability and the ability to regularly repeat the procedure at any convenient time.

Used to fight wrinkles as specially designed for this plasters-tapes, and the most ordinary – medical.

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  • A small, suitable in size piece is glued to the critical area, having first straightened the skin of the face, thus fixing it in a smoothed state. After an hour, the patch is carefully removed. To make it easier to remove, you can pre-moisten it with water.

The application of the patch affects the following mechanisms of the formation of mimic wrinkles:

  • the skin is fixed in a straightened state, smoothed;
  • while the plaster is stuck on, an obstacle is created to the usual facial movements, as a result of which these wrinkles are formed.

Thus, you can get rid of the habit of frowning, frowning, squinting, and others (especially with the regular immobilization of facial folds with a plaster).

To improve the effectiveness of the patch procedure a whole range of measures is suitable:

  • Application under the patch of special products to combat wrinkles and increase skin elasticity, both homemade and “store”.
  • Self-control will also help: you should avoid facial expressions that can cause the appearance of wrinkles.
  • The systematic use of cosmetics that moisturize the skin, increases its elasticity and firmness.
Will the plaster help against mimic wrinkles?
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However, when fighting wrinkles with a patch, you should be patient. A stable result will appear only with regular “immobilization” of the problem area.

No matter what they say about the effectiveness of this or any other method, maximum efficiency can be achieved only by systematically applying the whole range of measures to influence the problem from different sides.


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