Will the risk of contracting coronavirus increase with the onset of winter?

Epidemiologists around the world note that the coronavirus is not going to leave the human population. He wanders the continents and daily gives more and more impressive numbers of his victims. There is also a regional specificity of the spread of the disease.

Temperature fluctuations associated with the change of seasons were named as one of the factors that will have a significant impact on the spread of SARS-CoV-2 even at the moment when the virus was just beginning to be studied. Chinese scientists, observing the situation in their country, immediately delivered a verdict: moist warm air does not interfere with the transmission of coronavirus infection. Quite different results were expected in regions where the sun not only beats down, but also dries the earth.

Situation overview

According to statistics provided by the Johns Hopkins Institute, in Russia, the number of detected cases of coronavirus in October was twice as high as in July this year. The last days of the month became especially “fruitful” for the sick. The beginning of November continues the set statistics – the daily increase in those affected by COVID-19.

Anticipating harsh criticism for the simplification (after all, the incidence rates in different regions of the Russian Federation vary greatly, and the climate in Crimea cannot be compared with the weather in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug), I will give statistics on Italy. The choice fell on this country in connection with the work actively carried out there to identify the coronavirus during the year.

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In May, the decline in the incidence in Italy was so significant that the government decided to lift restrictions on movement within the country. The result was 3 summer months and 1 autumn month of relative stability. The idyll ended in mid-October, when the number of cases reached the level in March. The ill-fated month ended with a figure 3 times higher than the March one.

Seasonal factors

The tendency for the worsening of the epidemiological situation is obvious. The pessimistic forecasts of scientists, taking into account it, have already ceased to be a version, but have passed into the category of describing a real winter rise in the incidence. What is causing this?

The claim that sunlight kills the coronavirus was proven in May 2020. Scientists of the US Department of Homeland Security published the results of their research: the rate of death of viral particles under the influence of UV waves corresponding to solar radiation and high temperature was found.

In a word, the number of “contagious” places will increase in winter. You can also remember that hypothermia, which almost everyone in our strip will face in the autumn-winter period, also has a negative effect on health.

Will the risk of contracting coronavirus increase with the onset of winter?
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It can take a long time to look for a connection between the activation of COVID-19 in Eurasia and climate change, but let’s turn to the opinion of experts.

University of Connecticut ecologist Cory Marow, who has studied the growing number of cases, in an article published in the journal Nature, compared the role of the weather factor to one spoonful in a whole pot of soup. Not a lot, is it?

Real threats

A group of scientists, who presented their observations in Nature, called the main reason for the deterioration of the situation with the incidence of the conditions in which a person prefers to spend time when it starts to get colder outside.

  • Heated rooms with poor ventilation – an environment in which the virus feels great and spreads quickly.

It is worth remembering about such a wonderful European tradition as Christmas and New Year holidays… Unfortunately, there are many citizens who misunderstand them: their celebrations are almost a duty to the Fatherland, and any ailment can be quickly cured with a glass of intoxicating. Such a character, even feeling clearly unhealthy, will prefer to go on a visit rather than to a doctor, which can be great harm to his family and friends.

Will the risk of contracting coronavirus increase with the onset of winter?
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It cannot be denied that security measures introduced in connection with the coronavirus epidemic are not followed by all… There were even social movements demanding freedom from the masked regime. These “heroes” are embarrassed to openly declare their disregard for the health and life of the people around them – they claim that they are fighting against some conspiracy. Obviously, it was the enemies who made them so club-handed that they could not independently sew masks for themselves to protect themselves from the coronavirus, and so vile that none of their skillful friends would come to their aid.

Protective measures

The scary facts above oblige you to propose a plan to protect yourself from possible infection.

  • Medical recommendations remain unchanged: strict adherence to the rules of personal hygiene, social distance and protective equipment in crowded places.

Attentive attitude to your health and the lack of anxiety can save the lives of many people. Feeling bad, it is necessary to notify the attending physician, but you should not call an ambulance unless urgently needed, because at this moment, perhaps, an urgent medical visit is required by a person whose life is in danger.

Travel abroad is best canceled even to those who have suffered a coronavirus and have antibodies to it. Several cases of re-infection have been confirmed associated with a person receiving the SARS-CoV-2 strain, typical for a population from another corner of the planet.

Will the risk of contracting coronavirus increase with the onset of winter?
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By publishing real numbers and assessing morbidity dynamics, healthcare professionals and scientists seek to alert everyone to risks and to remind everyone of personal responsibility. The virus enters a favorable environment for itself thanks to a careless person who, having all the symptoms of a dangerous disease, came to work, or, having a diagnosis, spends time with his family, or even receives guests.

Be vigilant, protect yourself and the people you love!

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