Winter jackets for women 2022: top 23 in fashion

The world’s most famous fashion houses have announced the trends for women’s winter jackets 2022. What do they look like?

So, will delicate undertones and graceful styles be appreciated? Here are the prevailing trends in modern winter jackets for women 2022.


  1. Current Color Palette
  2. Classic Colors
  3. Main shades
  4. Winter jackets for women 2022: bright colors
  5. Winter jackets for women 2022: fashionable prints
  6. Animal Print Texture
  7. Pop Art Print
  8. Watercolor print
  9. Winter jackets for women 2022: geometric shapes
  10. Winter jackets for women 2022: stripes and swirls
  11. Print Combinations
  12. Printed with 3D effect
  13. Winter jackets for women 2022: fabrics
  14. Leather: Women’s Jackets 2022
  15. Women’s Down Jackets 2022
  16. Women’s jacket styles 2022
  17. Le Style Country
  18. Urban style
  19. Classic
  20. Jock
  21. Biker style
  22. Business
  23. Romantic

Current Color Palette

First of all, the main trend is a kind of colored dust. A smoky pink replaces the pale pink; the calm gray turned to ash. All the colors pass, so to speak, through a black and white filter, which undoubtedly gives an air of antiquity and aristocracy.
Thus, the color palette of the 2022 women’s winter jackets leaves room for experimentation and imagination. A wide palette of all kinds of shades of lilac, blue, green is presented.
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All in all, dull blue, hazy red, powder beige – these strict shades rule the show this season.

Classic colors

Sparkling white and graceful black, natural brown and deep blue are still popular in new collections. Also, shades of vintage emerald, dull yellow, and dark lilac are quite common.

Winter jackets for women 2022

The Dominant Shades

Thus, for a start, the following colors are recognized as leaders, as well, cloudy sky (mixture of blue and gray), ash pink (pink with a mixture of beige), scarlet dawn (unsaturated red, diluted with smoky notes ), dry clay (orange with brown and gray), dusty emerald (deep green slightly mixed with black), lemon sorbet (dull yellow, extinguished with gray).

Winter jackets for women 2022: top 23 in fashion

Winter jackets for women 2022: bright colors

There is also a place for bright juicy colors. Bright pink in the style of a barbie doll has successfully transitioned from summer clothes to jackets.

Finally, a deep and rich terracotta is present in winter jackets. No less popular is the beloved red wine color, presented in various varieties, ranging from sparkling scarlet to rich, dark burgundy.

Winter jackets for women 2022

Winter jackets for women 2022: fashionable prints

First, the prints on this season’s jackets are quite daring and provocative. Lovers of classics, of course, have a choice of monochrome trends that do not lose their relevance, but for those who are not afraid to show off in clothes, truly enchanting print options are prepared:
– The combination of vertical and horizontal stripes, located asymmetrically on the product – for a strong and effective look.
– Polka dots in black and white and other color combinations – for a retro look.
– Hearts and large flowers are for lovers of romantic style.
– Ornate lettering is for those still seventeen.
– Large and small checks – for a strict and classic look.

Animal Print Texture

Animal print is still relevant today, despite constant criticism and accusations of vulgarity. The fall-winter 2022 collection features a combination of leopard print with black, white, brown and even red.

Winter jackets for women 2022

Pop Art Print

The pop-art print comes out of the summer wardrobe and is widely found in the fall-winter collection.

Winter jackets for women 2022: top 23 in fashion

Watercolor print

The watercolor print creates an effect of lightness and airiness for followers of grace and pastel colors.

Winter jackets for women 2022: geometric shapes

They can be found in all kinds of combinations – squares adjacent to circles and cylinders for bold ideas and extraordinary solutions.

Winter jackets for women 2022

Winter jackets for women 2022: stripes and swirls

This is an unusual and attractive solution for an extravagant look.

Print combinations

Mixing of different prints is also allowed for the new season. Finally, the combination of checks and colors, stripes and polka dots, and abstract brush strokes will not be surprising.

Printed with 3D effect

In the first place, all kinds of patterns that create an optical illusion of volume and movement of the images made on the jackets have their place in the collection of winter jackets for women 2022.
Black and white prints in the form of a newspaper page or a vintage celebrity poster have been spotted in the 2022 jacket lines of some famous designers. Then such a print, of course, is not as widespread as the previous ones, however, it is possible that it will gain enough popularity and find its adherents.

Winter jackets for women 2022: fabrics

First, preference is given to natural fabrics. High-quality suede, various combinations of wool and cotton, processed fur, and leather jackets for women 2022 are used for the autumn period.
Regardless of the type of fabric, quilts remain popular, like last year. For example, the mixture of different textures, for example, fur and leather, jeans and wool, does not lose its relevance.

Winter jackets for women 2022

Leather: Women’s Jackets 2022

The experiences in this direction are varied and astonishing. So leather jackets with large flowers or heart-shaped stripes are among the current trends.

Women’s Down Jackets 2022

Fashionable women’s down jackets are comfortable, light and super warm outerwear that are just perfect for a cold winter. They are perfect for modern city dwellers who lead an active lifestyle. A good down jacket contains water bird down, which makes it very warm. You can easily get around town on foot and by public transport, and it doesn’t wrinkle or require complex maintenance like a fur coat. Also, you can wear them when it is cold or when it rains.

Thus, they are very popular not only among young people but also among the older generation, because modern models are very stylish, beautiful, comfortable and practical.
Finally, down jackets never go out of style, but only acquire a new sound every year. In their new collections, the designers present a wide variety of trendy down jackets in casual, sporty and glamorous styles.

Women’s jacket styles 2022

First of all, the styles of fall and winter jackets are closely linked to the directions of the unbridled 80s. Finally, busty shoulders, a wide waist, voluminous collars and batwing sleeves – all of these become relevant again. Then the popular length is below the knee and has a slight oversize effect.Winter jackets for women 2022

Country style

In the first place, it has comfort, softness and relaxation, the combination of the jackets of this line with loose jeans and baggy pants allows you to feel as comfortable as possible in any setting.

Urban style

First of all, for lovers of urban style, you can choose oversized jackets that hide various imperfections in the figure and give the image a certain mystery. Then fitted and elegant models that emphasize the smoothness of the figure and fill with self-confidence are also relevant.


For lovers of the classics, these products are made in a monochromatic range. For bold solutions, bright colors and original prints are offered.


The sporty style is also original and varied. Then, short bomber jackets coexist with longer models and even coveralls. For example, animal and floral gypsy prints, as well as retro and pop art elements, appear in a sporty style.

Winter jackets for women 2022

Biker style

Brutal biker style continues to dominate the outerwear category, with all manner of themed decors. For example, this year you can complete with lots of decorations and accessories.


The business style is not without originality. You can complete your look with classic jackets with a strict silhouette. Prints with the use of optical illusions are relevant, creating mobility and dynamism of the image.


First, jackets in this style are feminine and cute. The patterns of small and large flowers, the delicate shades delight lovers of this orientation with their appeal. The use of accessories and decorative elements is not superfluous. The trapezoidal silhouette is popular this season, creating an airy and light effect even in the 2022 women’s winter jackets.

So, as it becomes clear after watching the fashion shows, it is time for freedom and individuality in clothing.

Winter jackets for women 2022

From now on, the choice of a jacket is a space for the imagination, an opportunity to express yourself. So, a well-chosen cut and style of this element of the wardrobe is able to emphasize not only the dignity of the figure, but also to express the mood and personality traits of its owner.


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