Winter layered looks for women

Every autumn-winter season, glossy magazines declare layering as a trend. I absolutely agree with this, and as a practicing stylist, I recommend clients to use this stylistic technique, it is especially convenient to do this in cold and changeable seasons – when, if desired, this or that thing can be removed at any time and adjusted to changeable weather.

How to create layered images correctly

Let’s take a look at the basic principles of a layered look. Each layer should be independent. As complex as your look is, it’s important that each layer can play on its own. And when one of the layers was removed, the image was not destroyed.

Since every layer is important for us, it means that every piece of clothing should be visible. In a multi-layered image, it is important not only WHAT is worn, but also HOW it is worn. Use the following techniques to show the layers: roll up your sleeves, tuck things in different ways, and unbutton your shirt.

It is desirable that the lower (base) layers are thin or plastic. These can be T-shirts, longsleeves, turtlenecks, shirts or dresses made of fine fabrics.

Fashion for multi-layered
Fashion for multi-layered

It is very important that everything is combined with a certain amount of freedom and does not sit too tightly. In winter, it is extremely important that air remains between the layers for better thermal insulation. Dressing in this way, you will definitely not freeze and you will be comfortable.

Pay attention to things that you did not plan to wear with something: tops with spaghetti straps, dresses with thin straps – all this can become one of the layers. The main thing is that the thing should not be tight-fitting.

Do not be afraid to mix things of different styles in the image, it will look interesting. Wear turtlenecks under shirts and sundresses, dresses and tops. Feel free to wear a hoodie or sweatshirt under your jacket if the dress code allows it.

Layering in clothes

Add scarves, shawls, stoles, they will also act as a separate layer. Add bright accents to the image, winter is not a reason to refuse colored things. It can be both accessories (hats, gloves, shoes, bags), and independent items (trousers, turtlenecks, coats, jackets).

Be stylish and stay cool this winter.

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