With what to wear a white skirt

A white skirt is considered a basic wardrobe item, but not every fashionista dares to wear it. And it’s all to blame for the prejudice that this color is impractical and capable of fattening. But it turns out that every girl can wear such a thing, the main thing is to choose the right style and know what to wear with a white skirt so that the image is stylish and harmonious.

The relevance of white skirts

Any white thing looks elegant and majestic and the skirt is no exception. But you need to remember about the insidiousness of this color. Poorly chosen wardrobe items or accessories will make the image pompous and ridiculous.

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Ideal for a snow-white skirt to wear in the summer. It is combined with multi-colored tops and blouses. Summer models are used to create boho, nautical, sports and business looks. In the offseason, it is combined with shirts, sweatshirts, elongated jackets and cropped raincoats. In this case, the top should have a rich shade. But even in winter, do not forget about such a fashionable thing. Snow-white winter models look good with dark shoes and black tights.

images of Olivia Palermo in white skirts

When choosing a top, you need to focus on the cut of the skirt and the material from which it is made. Warm and dense materials are not always suitable for lightweight fabrics. Exclusion of jersey and linen. Even chunky knit sweaters and fur will work with them.

street style images

Street style

The ideal option to wear in the summer is a lace skirt. Not bright plain blouses, T-shirts and turtlenecks are in harmony with her. When composing an image, you need to be careful with accessories, otherwise there is a risk of overloading it.

lace white skirt

A must-have for a fashionista is a denim model that can be appropriate in any setting, except for a formal event. Denim skirts are combined with tops, shirts, sweaters, T-shirts. Anyone can be shoes – from sandals and ballerinas to sneakers and boots.

The most capricious option stylists call a pleated snow-white skirt. Large details can ruin the look, so it is better to combine it with weightless ballet flats and knitted sweaters.

white skirt set ideas

Linen is great for summer. With what to wear a white skirt photo, which is presented below? It is best to choose a linen top, sandals or ballerinas.

linen white skirt photo

A leather skirt looks bright and stylish regardless of the season. The top for such a skirt should be selected in contrasting colors with clear straight lines. A good option is a thin jumper, black top or blouse made of lace material. Complement the image of sandals or high heels.

leather skirt white

Model options

Designers offer fashionistas a wide selection of skirts in white: from straight to fluffy styles.

midi length skirts


Ideal for a business woman. The white pencil skirt looks elegant and strict, but at the same time it does not deprive the girl of notes of sensuality, but of the image of freshness and lightness. Therefore, white pencil skirts, photos of which are presented on the Internet, help to diversify the wardrobe of a business woman.

white pencil skirt

As you can see in the photo, a white pencil skirt is ideally combined with light and bright lightweight blouses, shirts or jackets. In an informal setting, it is allowed to wear it with a denim shirt, light top or vest.


A snow-white pleated skirt is combined with a top of any, even a contrasting shade. For each style, you can choose your own version of the pleated plisse. It will be appropriate in sports, business and festive outfits.

white pleated skirt


White, like no other color, is suitable for creating lace fabric. It is often used to create wedding and festive outfits. At the same time, the snow-white lace skirt is also suitable for everyday use.

lace skirt styles

What can I wear with a white lace skirt? Tops, T-shirts or sweaters of light shades are selected for her. It will look original and at the same time harmonious with a leather jacket or a denim shirt.

white lace skirt


The denim model is practical and comfortable, therefore it is often used when creating a casual look. Snow white jeans look much more interesting than the usual blue. You can combine it with any item – from a bright T-shirt with a large print to a casual jacket.

bows with white denim skirt

For those who prefer mini lengths, stylists are advised to consider short models with torn edges and hanging threads as an option. A medium or maxi piece usually has a discreet cut, so it can be suitable for older women.

The sun

The sun model allows you to mask any flaws in the female figure. At the same time, such skirts are chosen not only by plump girls, but also by skinny ones. For some, she is able to hide extra pounds and lush hips, while for others she will add femininity by making her legs more voluminous.

white skirt sun

This model is found both in mini version and in floor length. Due to the fact that such a skirt is voluminous, it is better to combine it with a straight or tight top. If the top is long enough, it can be tucked in. The sun skirt looks spectacular with a bare tummy and cropped T-shirts.

skater mini skirt


A fluffy skirt in white can be made of satin, chiffon, linen, cotton and leather. It is in harmony with tops, T-shirts, blouses, sweaters and sweaters. But picking up the top to it, you need to take into account that the slightest mistake can play a fatal role.

images with puffy skirts

A short skirt is chosen by girls with slender legs. The rest are better off staying at the midi length or asymmetrical hem.

Models in length

The process of choosing shoes, upper and accessories is influenced by the length. A long thing will look good with sneakers or sandals, and a mini with high-heeled shoes.

bows with white skirt


This model is not for everyone. Those whose legs cannot be called ideal should be discarded. You need to combine it with shirts or blouses made of light fabrics. They can be worn on release or tucked in. With or without a belt.

white denim skirt photo

To the knees

What to wear with a white skirt, the photos of which are presented below? Knee length suits almost any outfit. It will be in harmony with both a denim jacket and a light blouse.

cheeks celebrities


A short top, a jumper, a blouse, a shirt – with all this, you can wear a snow-white midi skirt. To attend a festive event, the image can be supplemented with a lace top and large accessories.

city ​​kits

Narrow models are worn with wide blouses with a strap at the waist. Wide, on the contrary, with a fitted top. Any footwear is used – from slates to boots.


The white long skirt has always been considered an attribute of femininity. She looks spectacular with tops, T-shirts, blouses, cardigans and jumpers in contrasting colors. In the cold season, a denim jacket or jacket is worn on top. Shoes for a floor-length skirt are best chosen on a flat run.

white maxi skirt

We use a print

Various prints have become very popular today. And white is the perfect backdrop for their application.

white skirt in a flower


The white striped skirt is perfect for casual, business and evening looks. At the same time, vertical stripes will make the girl visually slimmer, stretching her silhouette. Those who want to add volume should ideally choose the bell model with horizontal lines. If you need to hide the tummy, the diagonal line will come to the rescue.

white striped skirt

In the new season, the blue and white stripe has become the most relevant. It will look good with a white, pink, beige, yellow or turquoise top.


Oversized black and white skirt with polka dots is suitable only for those who have the perfect figure. This print makes the figure even more voluminous. Small peas are good for everyone, as they help mask a prominent tummy or lush thighs.

polka dot skirt white images

With flowers

Skirts with flowers become relevant in the warm season. The top is chosen to be monochromatic.

floral print skirts

Collecting images

What to wear with a white skirt depends on the image that the girl is trying to get.

white skirt in autumn looks


For a walk, a loose model or a white denim skirt is suitable. It is combined with T-shirts, tops, shirts, sweaters. Shoes should be comfortable. Sneakers, ballet flats, sandals or flat shoes will do.

urban images with white skirt photo

sets with white skirt photo


In the office, it is appropriate to wear a pencil skirt, a classic straight model or a trapeze made of dense fabric. The look will be complemented by plain shirts or blouses.

business looks with a white skirt

images for the office


For a festive event, a snow-white floor-length skirt, a bell, a lace or pleated model is suitable. Tops, turtlenecks or light blouses are suitable as a top. Shoes are preferred with high heels.

evening sets with white skirt

For summer vacations

In the warm season, it is more appropriate to choose models from flowing fabrics. These skirts are worn with T-shirts, tops, T-shirts and flat shoes.

summer sets with a skirt

Shoe options

When choosing the right footwear, they are guided by the season. Pumps are a classic addition to a white skirt. The pencil model is in harmony only with shoes with heels. For a casual look, choose shoes, sneakers, sandals, boots or boots.

options for shoes with a skirt

white skirt and shoes

A white skirt may seem moody only at first glance. Experimenting with her models, it quickly becomes clear that this thing can become the basis of a basic wardrobe and make its mistress stylish and attractive.



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