With what to wear dresses and blouses with puff sleeves this fall: 5 stylish looks

We make a smooth transition from hot summer to cool autumn in romantic dresses and blouses with puffy sleeves.

One of the main trends of this summer was light dresses and blouses with puffy sleeves in the Renaissance style, which make even everyday looks feminine and romantic. Despite the fact that the hot days are behind you, do not rush to hide your once favorite things deep into the closet: delicate outfits of modern princesses will find a place for themselves in the autumn wardrobe. Wear them with classic trench coats, biker leather jackets and even sporty windbreakers, because why give up your favorite things when they can be given new life.

Dress + cardigan

Dress – Roma Uvarov Design, cardigan – Iro, earrings – Hsu Jewelery, bag – Mm6 Maison Margiela, boots – Saint Laurent

Bulky cardigans with large buttons, which will again be at the peak of popularity this fall, have become a logical continuation of the trend for cottage style, inspired by the aesthetics of measured country life, romance, but at the same time practicality and versatility. Although they go well with jeans, A-line skirts and palazzo trousers, a light dress with a naive daisy pattern will be the best match for a solid-colored elongated cardigan, especially since the floral print has long ceased to be associated exclusively with summer wardrobe – in the fall of 2020 it will not be popular smaller than a goose foot, tartan, and a predatory leopard.

Blouse + leather jacket

Jacket – Fendi, ankle boots – Rejina Pyo, jeans – Mm6 Maison Margiela, blouse – Brøgger, bag – Staud

Despite the fact that every day the thermometer drops lower and lower, the onset of real cold weather is still far away, which means that instead of coats and sheepskin coats, you can still wear leather oversized jackets with wide shoulders in the style of the 80s, and not only in the office but also to parties and dates. You won’t have to make a difficult choice among all the trends of the season either: a blouse with puffy sleeves, wide jeans, and a bag in the shape of a crescent, from which Victoria Beckham, the Olsen sisters and many other celebrities go crazy, can harmoniously combine in one look.

Dress + classic trench coat

Dress – Lee Mathews, trench – Valentino, bag – Miu Miu, Cossacks – Sartore, necklace – UNOde50

A beige trench coat with wide lapels and a belt at the waist, which suits the looks of different styles, has long been an integral part of the fall wardrobe. This season it can be worn not only with jeans, trouser suits and knitted skirts, but also with dresses with lantern sleeves, which have earned the right to stay among the main fashion trends for some time. The perfect complement to this tandem will be Cossacks with steady heels, a tote bag and a yellow gold necklace – we are sure that this image would have pleased the heroine Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, who did not know how to understand men, but knew a lot about fashion.

Dress + leather jacket

Dress – Giambattista Valli, jacket – Gucci, boots – Balenciaga, earrings – Wouters & Hendrix, bag – Bottega Veneta

For several seasons in a row, one of the most beloved fashion tricks of street style stars and fashion bloggers is playing on the contrast between military style and maximum romance. In order to feel like a biker’s girlfriend, it is not at all necessary to ride a motorcycle around the city: you just need to buy a leather jacket a couple of sizes larger and high boots with massive soles, in which you can not be afraid of either cold or puddles. By the way, leather jackets did not immediately enter the everyday wardrobe: initially they wore an exclusively utilitarian function and protected the riders from the wind. The legendary Yves Saint Laurent opened their way to the fashion industry, showing his interpretation of an alligator leather jacket, which the fashionistas were at first rather skeptical about, but then they got a taste of it.

Dress + windbreaker

Dress – Alexander McQueen, windbreaker – Moschino, bag – Pinko, necklace – Marc Jacobs, sneakers – Kenzo

While some designers seek inspiration in distant historical eras, others look back to their youth and revive the trend for bell-bottomed jeans from the 1970s, leather jackets from the 1980s and windbreakers that were popular in the early 1990s. This fall, with a light touch from Burberry, Versace, Louis Vuitton, Off-White and other brands, they are becoming the main outerwear of the season, combining style and practicality – right for cool weather. If you are just starting to get acquainted with this trend, pay attention to laconic monochromatic windbreakers made of smooth or quilted fabric, and in order to cheer yourself up, buy several multi-colored options at once that will suit not only jeans and joggers, but also light dresses with which it’s not time to part.

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