Women’s pants 2022: 20 absolute trends of the season

There is no more practical or more comfortable clothing than the 2022 women’s pants. It is not only the basic element. Also a great way to look stylish and attractive and feel warm at the same time.

Fashionable women’s pants 2022 attract attention and are distinguished by modest solutions. Trousers of different styles are on trend – from wide palazzo to skinny, from the longest pants that cover the shoes and heels to the elegant 7/8.

Thus, elegant pants are essential to create feminine, unique and stylish looks.

The new pants are rich in completely different designs – from a strict classic fit to sophisticated evening pants with shiny decor and beautiful lace inserts.

So, every lady is able to replenish her wardrobe with a pair of fashionable and beautiful pants, which will meet the style and taste of their owner.


Let’s find out what types of women’s pants are in fashion this season.


Jeans: Women’s Trousers 2022

Let’s start with the most popular and most requested pants in all seasons: jeans. For example you can safely wear white jeans, ripped models, moms and bell pants remain relevant.
The high waist has become a hallmark of fashionable jeans for women. For lovers of original and bright options for denim pants, designers offer models decorated with embroidery or appliqués.

Jersey: Women’s Trousers 2022

When you want to dress warmly while being stylish and fashionable, jersey pants are the ideal solution. We are not talking about sporty models at all, but rather elegant and classic styles, in which you will not be ashamed to appear at work or go on a date.
In principle, knitted pants are presented in a straight fit and in a solid color. An exception will be the fashionable plaid pattern, which looks great on jersey pants.

Women's Trousers 2022



Wide Leg Pants: Women’s Pants 2022

If you choose between narrow pants and wide pants for women 2022, the favorite will undoubtedly be the freestyles.
Flowing palazzo models or extravagant cropped panties create stunningly beautiful and extraordinary looks for fall and winter. Such pants will perfectly hide the flaws in the figure and allow you to feel the freedom of movement.
So the wide leg pants can be found both in a very elegant and relaxed style. Panties are certainly the most fashionable cut of wide pants.

Finally, they are suitable for all types of silhouettes; it is a staple of the casual wardrobe for any occasion. Wide leg cotton panties for all seasons.

Pants for Woman 2022:


Flare: Women’s Pants 2022

First, flared pants are not only jeans, but also models in tailor fabric, wool, leather and mesh.

Also in the most popular pant models, the bottom of the bell starts from the knee. At the same time, the fit can be very diverse – from barely noticeable pants to the most extensive pants, which completely cover the shoes.

Women's Trousers 2022


Cigarillos: Women’s Pants 2022

The Cigarillos are classic 7/8 pants. Then there are models with tapered or flared legs. These are pants that we often see accompanied by a jacket. They are very elegant, they subtly expose the ankle, and the pleats refine the legs.

Cigarillo pants can be perfectly combined with women’s shirts or elegant blouses of different styles, but it is important that the length of the top is correctly adapted to the figure.

Track pants

Any woman is very comfortable in sweatpants. You can also wear this type of pants in elegant styles. Sweatpants, blazers and high heels are the original outfit for a party.

Check out the new runway articles and photos to see the full effect. In the loose suits you can easily replace the sweatpants with interesting 2022 women’s leggings. The tracksuits are also perfect for everyday use – at home or on the go.

Comfortable pants made of soft sports jersey do not restrict movement, let you feel comfortable.


Skinny: Women’s Pants 2022

Skinny pants or tailored pants are a cut that perfectly defines the legs. If you want to show off your figure’s strengths, nothing will highlight them more than high-waisted skinny pants, worn with a stylish top and high heels or wedges.

In short, pants fitted to your legs will also go very well with sneakers and biker jackets or a regular hoodie.

Women's Trousers 2022

Women’s Plaid Pants

First of all, the 70s of the 20th century reign supreme in fashion. Among the most fashionable trends and styles are mainly plaid or shepherd’s check pants, which women of this decade loved to wear.

Finally, the pants can be narrow, with a pleat, or wide, hugging the body smoothly. For a well-proportioned figure, it’s easy to choose stylish plaid flare pants that pair well with a suede coat and cap.

Women's Trousers 2022


2022: High Waist Cropped Pants

This incredibly feminine and sophisticated style of pants has a straight fit, cropped length and high waist. These pants are suitable for tall and thin girls.

It can be models with cuffs and pants with arrows. The high waist can be complemented with a belt, delicate ruffles or button decoration, which makes the look with the pants interesting and charming.

Women's Trousers 2022

Paper Pocket Trousers

First, they are high waisted pants with a drawstring at the waist. For example women love them for their sleek cut that hides body flaws, distracting from wide hips in the case of a pear-shaped figure, or adding the desired shapes to skinny women.


This model is now part of the fashion trends. So if you are planning to wear these pants this fall, remember one thing: they will only look good with an unbuttoned coat or a leather jacket.

Women's Trousers 2022


Plaid and Polka Dot Pattern

The most fashionable prints of the 2022 women’s pants are an understated check pattern and romantic polka dots in the most original colors.

In addition to the classic black and white colors, the plaid pants appear in red, blue, brown and green patterns. The same goes for the polka dot print. Fashionable khaki pants with white polka dots look very attractive.

Women's Trousers 2022



Striped pants for women are long out of fashion. They can be found in both sporty and elegant and relaxed options. The biggest advantage of these pants is that they visually refine the figure. Pants with side stripes are suitable for many styles.

So, a more elegant option is cigarillos with stripes on the sides. On the other hand, striped jeans are great for everyday wear.

The stripes will transform a standard outfit into a trendy outfit. Striped pants go well with a shirt and high-heeled shoes, as well as sneakers and sweatshirts or an oversized sweater. In fact, they are suitable for any figure, can be combined with many styles and visually lengthen the legs.


Leather: Women’s Pants 2022

Fashionable leather and suede pants are not forgotten. They are complemented by velvet models and exquisite velor trousers with a mostly loose fit.

All of these pants look luxurious, especially if they are not in the classic shades of black and gray. The trend is for shades of brown, mustard, blue and red, characteristic of velor models and leather pants.

Women's Trousers 2022


Arrows: Women’s Pants 2022

In the collections of pants for women 2022, we see jeans with arrows. In the fall, textured pants feature a different design element.

For example, leather and eco-leather are so popular with millions of women around the world that the cut of products made from these materials begins to transform again – we see smoothed or completely sewn arrows, which is visually as attractive as possible and gives status to the image.

Finally the appearance is so fresh and uninterrupted that a refined elegance appears in the image. And if so far you haven’t found a model that combines convenience and luxury, this one has it all.

Women's Trousers 2022

Seams: Women’s Trousers 2022

In many collections, a version of the pants has appeared when it appears to be made of rectangular pieces sewn together, and there is a horizontal seam at the knee.

Ultimately an interesting approach, because even the overall idea of ​​recycling material from previous collections can be interpreted this way: as if the old models were torn and had a second life. Then this design movement seems new anyway and feeds the interest in leather models.

Women's Trousers 2022


Suits with Leather Pants

The designers of the Fashion House present an elegant color scheme in the form of monochrome outfits. And in an ensemble with a shirt or a leather jacket, designed in the same style and in the same shade, you get a wonderful ensemble for going out.

A snow-white ensemble by Fendi or the laconism of Jil Sander are examples of perfect cuts. Ami offers panties, while Ermanno Scervino uses a jacket in addition to a standard jacket or shirt.

Women's Trousers 2022

Women’s Dress Pants 2022

We usually choose stylish 2022 women’s pants for more or less formal occasions. So if you get an invitation that doesn’t require a dress code, you can easily replace your dress with pants of a different fabric. Remember to choose the right fit and shade based on the trends.

Stylish female costumes look great. You can also make the set yourself by purchasing the jacket separately for a slightly contrasting yet stylish effect.

In addition, it is recommended to wear wide, elegant pants that look like a skirt – panties are perfect here. The models wearing original jewelry in shiny fabric, tied at the waist, will be the most beautiful effect.

When composing a stylish outfit with pants, you should also think about colors – contrasting or traditional compositions look especially advantageous.

Yet the elegant cut of women’s pants is with us every day – we like to wear them to work or to official meetings. They look great on high heels or flat soles which means freedom to create an outfit.

Women's Trousers 2022


 Choose a Pant Size

The secret to a successful look with women’s pants lies in the right choice of style and size so that the silhouette is profitable. What should you keep in mind when choosing a pant size?

Carefully measure your waistline as well as the inside and outside of your leg so that you can choose the correct leg length and waist size from the size chart.

You will find women’s pants in standard sizes 26 to 48 or XS to XXL. Stretch fabrics shouldn’t be too loose, so if your sizes are between two digits, choose the smaller one.

Women's Trousers 2022


Do you like certain styles of pants, but doubt they suit your figure?

So it is good to remember that the legs should not be too long, and this does not only apply to people of short stature – legs extended to the floor will be ugly. To avoid this, you can wear high heels or platform shoes.

Girls with wide hips should avoid pants with pleats at the waist.

They are therefore more suitable for high-waisted models and fitted trousers that reach the ankle. The hourglass figure will look good in almost any style of women’s pants.

They are in tune with the fashion trends. To visually lengthen your legs, choose tight pants with a very narrow leg.

Women's Trousers 2022


When choosing a belt for pants, there are a few things to consider. You can choose a belt depending on the color scheme – beige pants with a thin beige belt made of eco-friendly patent leather will create a harmonious duo.

Yet the most versatile belt is undoubtedly the black leather belt with a round buckle. It adapts to all styles.

Women's Trousers 2022

Finally, the camel leather belt is trendy bohemian style with floral pants. Thin chains instead of a belt and options with jewelry clasps are also in fashion. If you like functional solutions, you had better look for women’s pants with a matching fabric belt.



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