X-Slim for weight loss – the whole truth about the drug

X-Slim is a dietary supplement used to combat obesity. The manufacturer claims that the course therapy for a month will ensure not only the loss of extra pounds, but also the complete cleansing of the body from the toxins accumulated in it. The product consists of herbal ingredients and synthetic additives that enhance their fat burning effect.

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It is advisable to use X-Slim for weight loss in consultation with your doctor. This is especially true in the presence of diseases associated with obesity. The supplement has a wide list of contraindications, and side effects during treatment are not excluded.


X-Slim contains natural ingredients. These are dried extracts obtained from the processing of plant materials. The chemical composition of X-Slim for weight loss is represented by bioflavonoids, organic acids, water-soluble vitamins, anthocyanins, saponins, tannins. Each ingredient has a specific function in the breakdown of body fat.

What is the drug for weight loss formed from? XSlim:

  • Guarana phytoextract;
  • phytoextract of turmeric;
  • goji berries;
  • phytoextract of garcinia cambogia;
  • phytoextract of ferula Dzungarian;
  • walnut partitions.

The X-Slim manufacturer often mentions the completely natural composition of its product. Without a doubt, this is not true. It is impossible to make a water-soluble tablet without the use of fillers. And the taste, color and smell of a freshly prepared drink are given by colorants, sweeteners, flavorings. So if you have hypersensitivity to certain inorganic compounds, you should carefully study the composition of X-Slim before use.

Release form

X-Slim – effervescent diet pills. They are white, round, not covered with a shell, so they easily dissolve in water. Secondary packaging is a cylindrical plastic bottle with a ground-in lid. It contains 10 tablets, which are enough for exactly ten days of therapy. The bottle is included in a cardboard box along with X-Slim instructions for use.

Other types of funds are often mentioned on various electronic resources. For example, instant sweets X-Slim. This is nothing more than the above-described tablets – there is no other dosage form for the bioactive additive.

Indications and contraindications

X-Slim tablets are designed for weight loss. The manufacturer claims to be effective regardless of the cause of obesity. They are recommended for people with a slow metabolism that is inherited.

The following conditions also become indications for the use of a bioactive supplement:

  • slagging of the body with toxic substances, unsplit lipids, proteins, tissue breakdown products, mineral salts;
  • poor skin condition, the presence of external clinical manifestations of cellulite;
  • preference for foods saturated with fats, simple carbohydrates;
  • excessive appetite;
  • low physical activity.

Do not take X-Slim if obesity is caused by a chronic illness, such as diabetes or hypothyroidism. It is forbidden to use it by children and adolescents, pregnant and breastfeeding women. An absolute contraindication to the use of X-Slim is individual intolerance to phytoextracts or synthetic additives. People with renal or hepatic impairment require medical advice before starting treatment. X-Slim tablets can cause relapse of erosive gastritis and stomach ulcers.


Each package of X-Slim Effervescent Diet Tablets is annotated. To eliminate the risk of developing local and systemic adverse reactions, you should adhere to its recommendations. The instructions for the X-Slim preparation indicate that it is intended for a single dose. It is best to use the supplement a few minutes before breakfast to suppress your appetite.

To prepare a drink, the tablet is dissolved in cool water with thorough stirring. The duration of therapy is a month. With a very high body mass index, the manufacturer recommends extending the course for another 30 days.

X-Slim is also used for prophylactic purposes, as well as to consolidate the result. The optimal time for taking is the off-season periods in which a person tends to overeat due to increased appetite.

What results does the manufacturer promise?

Candy manufacturer X-Slim claims that the product has numerous therapeutic properties. They appear from the first days of therapy and do not end even after its completion for another 2-3 weeks. The ingredients not only get rid of extra pounds, but also prevent their re-accumulation. Phytoextracts also affect the functioning of the central nervous system. It stops producing endorphins in response to the intake of high-calorie foods. A person no longer experiences any pleasure from the eaten confectionery or sausage.

The consumer’s well-being is also improved due to positive changes in the condition of the skin. Thanks to the use of the X-Slim slimming agent, it no longer sags with ugly folds, but tightens, becomes elastic and resilient. All signs of cellulite gradually disappear.

Where to buy and cost

X-Slim diet pills are sold through the manufacturer’s official website and electronic resources of numerous distributors. You just need to leave your contact information, answer the consultant’s call, and indicate the address of residence. The cost of the supplement is about 1000 rubles, but the delivery price is not included in it. It should be noted that three packages are required for one course of treatment.

Despite the fact that the X-Slim effervescent tablets are positioned by the manufacturer as an effective means for weight loss, he cannot confirm this. There have been no clinical studies to collect the evidence base for the effectiveness of the drug. Because of this, it has not been introduced to the pharmaceutical market or sold in pharmacies. The preparation contains no components that could cause burning of fatty layers. Therefore, X-Slim should be used for weight loss in combination with physical activity and a decrease in the calorie intake of the diet.

: Lyudmila Sheveleva, pharmacist,

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