Yaitte, the sustainable signature of a former Zara designer that modernizes the nautical style

“I created Yaitte Three years ago when I saw that there was a real change in the industry. Currently, quality prevails over quantity and I wanted to develop classic and timeless pieces that would stand the test of time ”, he shares Danielle Windsor, the ideologist of this firm whose name is inspired by the Spanish word I already. The influence of the Mediterranean in general and of Spain in particular in her personal project is not surprising, since she spent three years in the design team of Zara. “I had the opportunity to enter after my master’s degree in Milan. I was asked to join the company when I was working for Viktor & Rolf in Amsterdam and started in the accessories department. Very soon, I went to the knitwear and fabrics section, where I felt much more comfortable, since it was much more natural in terms of design. For me, Zara was a very fast-paced work environment that gave me the opportunity to travel and spend long periods in Europe and Asia developing products. In my three years there, I feel like I learned a lot when it comes to design and business. Watching the company grow at such speed and participating in that process has instilled in me the idea that anything is possible. Structure and teamwork is key ”, reflects this young woman from Southampton, England.

Despite the fact that his resume is full of big names in European fashion – to those mentioned are added Topshop The Matthew Williamson-, she affirms that she was always clear that she would end up creating her particular universe. “Since I started in the industry, I knew that I wanted to have my own brand and developing Yaitte has been a very organic process. The brand is strongly influenced by all the trips that I have made throughout my career ”. Since its launch in 2018, the brand has become known among the insiders British for their seasonal garments and their nautical motifs on luxury fabrics, all of them designed in London by Danielle herself –which offers, in parallel, a tailor-made fashion service with great success among brides– and ethically manufactured in Portugal. “Sustainability and transparency are paramount to me, and it’s great to see that reflected across the industry. Buying a Yaitte means that you are buying quality, with the peace of mind of knowing that things have been done thoughtfully and considerately. We are constantly learning and evolving in the area of ​​sustainability at the firm and our goal is to be as transparent as possible as we grow ”, concedes the creative, who breaks with the expired season system with a collection per year that is revealed by dripping.

After 15 years in the industry and having gone through all the options it offers, from fast fashion to luxury and niche, Danielle is confident that the basics are the key to the capsule wardrobe of the future, one that combines ethics and aesthetics. . “I knew from the beginning that, for my project, it was not sustainable to design a collection every season and it did not fit with my mission to create timeless investment pieces. We have seen a wonderful response to our trans-seasonal pieces and our way of working ”, she proudly asserts. His designs put together a constellation of basics that, in referential terms, look out to sea, but are perfectly defensible on asphalt. Summer sweaters –with the brand’s logo–, pareo skirts or shirt dresses are old acquaintances, but she manages to give them a renewed and modern aura. “They are very versatile pieces and it is very exciting to see our clients combine them in their own way. Lately I have been working on our new knitwear collection, which I am looking forward to launching, “she announces. But how many basics can a person have in their possession? In other words, being a slow firm the antithesis of. fast fashion Is it supposed that, being consistent with these parameters, it should assume peak growth? Danielle, as a good business mind, has the solution: “I intend to create a lifestyle brand.” That is, not just stay in fashion.

Obligatory question, how has the pandemic affected such a young firm that combines luxury and sustainability? “The pandemic has made us realize how crucial social media is and will continue to be. On a personal level and to be honest, in recent months I have neglected self-care a bit and I am ashamed to say it because I know how important it is. I have been working tirelessly on the computer and the idea of ​​doing a class through Zoom simply did not suit me. Fortunately, I live in London and inevitably have to walk frequently. I also have a 17-month-old daughter, so overall I’ve been busy. “Among those projects she’s been hatching are the following:” We have an exciting collaboration launching in January that I can’t reveal yet. gradually our offer online and our community, and we will support our providers. I am always open to new opportunities ”. However, gestating this universe within four walls should not be easy. “I miss the sea breeze and the tranquility”, ends.


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