Yana is writing a book, Yulia is looking for the perfect t-shirts

While Lena rides on a motor boat, and Masha studies ancient myths and saves shoes from a dog, Yana finishes the second volume of “beauty myths” and tries … to love everyone.

At the beginning of the year, we started this column to tell you what is happening in our lives. Write about travel, cats, books, movies, and just share your thoughts. But then came the quarantine and the thoughts went you know what, and there was no travel at all.

But maybe it’s time to start it up again?


Imagine, we are about to finish it, our second book with Tiina Orasmae-Meder! Fifty new, hot, often-about what you can not really read about, without a marketing Blizzard, anywhere-beauty myths are undergoing final editing and proofreading, and Illustrator Anya Goncharenko (the same one who worked with us on the first volume) I’ve already painted most of them.

A trip to Tiina’s house in London (followed almost immediately by a trip to new York)was sewn in the postenvemi. Decoding of the recording, I remember how we sat with her in our apartment in Hempstede in Hempstede in Champs, I remember Beckham,. I would never have believed that Pro-and prebiotics are such a fun topic. But when Tiina talks about them! .. By the way, we are thinking about making more Eeyore out of these records ..

And myths, starting from this week, will be partially published in the blog. Just like when we wrote our first book. So what-stay tuned

And so that my butt did not become completely flat, like all the classics, we bought a tennis ball for the dacha. (besides, 20 minutes of aerobic activity a day, Tiina says, accelerates the production of hyaluronic acid And driving the ball there, I ask two philosophical questions. Question N1 – this one, which is for ping-pong, is it a “ball” or a”ball”? In General, why do we sometimes call equally round things “balls” and sometimes ” balls» … Question N2: in my childhood, without exception, were all ping-pong tables green?. And now, all of a sudden, they’re blue. With what? ..

But sometimes our blue table reflects the August sky in such a way that all questions disappear.


At the beginning of the summer, I went to a course on conscious wardrobe design with Zoya Sokhor (Kurs Sokhor (Koya Sokhor (who is with AI’s entourage) which Zoe Sochor (Sochor no way (no way Sochor (which is Corsa. I didn’t finish it, but I got a lot of inspiration and went to buy something that is always lazy – bazuda.

From the base, as it turned out, I was missing loose black and white t-shirts. I am very particular about their cut, fabric and density. It is important that the throat is round and close to the neck (not a triangular or oval arch darez Dar). So that the fabric is dense, and, preferably, does not crumple, the sleeves are not too wide and and, preferably, does not crumple, the sleeves are not too wide and and ideally (podyvaetsya). And that my t-shirt doesn’t fit me anywhere. (For this purpose, I take not S, but M and L.)

Based on the results of searches, I will say that the best price-quality ratio of basic t-shirts is made by… Lime. The largest selection of sizes and colors is on their website, so it’s easier to order there. I take classic t-shirts and oversize. Classic atthe same time, the fabric is softer, and the oversize is wider, the fabric is more rigid, and it has well-made side seams – they go a little forward, it seems that they will not “go away” from washing.

In second place – t-shirts Mellow, this brand is often recommended by the stylist Yulia Katkalo, and I decided to try it.

In a mellow t-shirt-Nastya bragged, who likes everything black

The least liked Oh Casey, which are cut to the norm, but the fabric – too soft, crumpled and clearly will not survive many washes without deformation.

Here you can see how it crumples

At the same time, I understood why it is so difficult to buy a database. Shopping is one of my ways of dealing with anxiety. To do this, the brain must experience some excitement and excitement in the process. And the basic things do not cause it, because their purchase is a very conscious process -)).


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