Yes or no: conditioner for revolutionaries and a southern candle

And also a budget palette of cherry shadows, an eyebrow pencil and a face mask for the winter (unexpectedly :), which Masha decided to talk about.

Glam Color Advanced Tinted Hair Conditioner, Red, The Biosthetique

  • Promises: to revive and enhance light and dark shades of red, keep 3-5 hair washes.
  • Contains: silk proteins and pigments.

During the quarantine period, my red color washed out almost completely. In some places there were pathetic remnants of either red or pink, but on the whole I resigned myself and even thought about toning them in my natural shade. Which, by the way, turned out to be very nothing.

But then I got to the procedure at La Biosthetique and asked if they had something … the color of revolution, borscht, or at least the MTS logo? It turned out that there is – in the line of tinting balms Color Crystal. (For a blonde, there is, by the way, such a beautiful caramel that I even wanted to become a blonde for five seconds.)

In 20 minutes, the conditioner in Red shade perfectly filled the faded ends of my ex-radical curls with a dense color and even tinted the natural roots (sic!).

The shade turned out to be warm, thick, rich, red-red. (I like colder, with pink, but I have never met such ready-made ones – you have to mix it yourself.) Washes off into reddish-copper.

He held out for two weeks, by the third he turned pale. I think this is an excellent result. In a tube of 200 ml – even if you refresh it every 7-10 days, it will be enough for six months. And considering that along the way the conditioner softens and smoothes the hair – generally a great thing.

Price: 3490 RUB (200 ml) on the brand’s website

Состав Aqua, stearyl alcohol, betaine, dimethicone peg-8 meadowfoamate, glycerin, cetaryl alcohol, behentrimonium chloride, peg-2 dimeadowfoamamidoethylmonium methosulfate, neopentyl glycol diheptanoate, isododecane, phenoxyethanol, cetyl alcohol, nydroxyethylcellulose, crambe abyssinica seed oil, hydrolyzed rice protein, parfum, 4-hydroxypropylamino-3-nitrophenol, ethylhexyl salicylate, hexylene glycol, quaternium-91, ceteareth-20, propylene glycol, isopropyl alcohol, cetrimonium methosulfate, basic red 76, ethylhexylglycerin, quilliaja saponaria bark extract, hc yellow n2, hydrolized sericin, sorbitol

Mask Crème Bain Nutritif, Institut Esthederm

  • Promises to eliminate the feeling of tightness, peeling, itching. Suitable for dry and sensitive skin.
  • Contains: 8 vitamins (A, C, E, B1, B3, B5, B6, B8), 5 oligo-elements and minerals (zinc, copper, magnesium, calcium, silicon), Omega 3 and Omega 6, black currant seed oil.

Often they write on nourishing masks: apply for 15-20 minutes, then rinse. But raise your hand, who really does this?) I – rarely, because such masks look like a thick transparent cream, and they do not interfere with my life at all. As I applied, I walk without rinsing.

But this “Nutritious bath” really turned out to be some kind of super-nutritious – I felt it on my face after 15 minutes, and even after an hour. Even after I washed, a thin creamy film remained. For dry skin, what you need to feel protected. I was even upset that such a beautiful mask did not come across to me when I went to the pool. And I didn’t get caught in the winter. It restores 5+. And November-December is not close there, right? 🙂

Price: 4971 RUB (75 ml) on the brand’s website


Candle Yuzhnaya Kozha, Tonka

  • Notes: bergamot, saffron, vetiver, geranium, leather, patchouli.

I met the Russian candle brand Tonka at the presentation of the Berry candle. That novelty did not come to me at all – there was no such strawberry gum in my childhood. (But Nastya and Yana unexpectedly checked it out 🙂 But at the same presentation I smelled the rest of the assortment … and disappeared. The coolest smells, just the coolest!

This “Southern Skin” is a walk through the evening southern suburb, where bushes along the path are puffing with huge fragrant flowers. I would like to immediately pour a glass of prosecco and review my vacation photos.

I also want this perfume. The perfumer Calice Becker, who composed this fragrance, is of course a genius.

PS You can order an engraving on a candle from Tonka. I asked for my initials because they read like MayBe. Also a very apt name.

Price: RUB 3100 (50 ml), 6360 (220 ml) on the brand’s website

Eyeshadow palette Ruby Glamor, Eveline

Ruby Glamor does not hesitate to copy the Naked Cherry, Urban Decay palette. But in the original “Cherry” there are more burgundy and pink shades, but here they were replaced by brown.

The body of the palette is tin, like school pencil cases from childhood. It also jams. But I’m a Capricorn – and I don’t mind perseverance ?

The brush that comes with the kit is weird: too soft to blend, too small to apply. But if nothing else is at hand, you can work for her too. I managed.

The main surprise – the shadows smell like … cherry gum! And you feel this smell all the time you paint. To be honest, not the best perfume I’ve come across.


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