Yes or no: low-cost Eva Mosaic mascara and benefit brow gel

Lena-about the new concealer Sergei Naumov, a palette of shadows Sephora and brushes that she lacked (really, really!).

Fixing gel for eyebrows 24-hour action 24-hr Brow Setter, Benefit

Few gels are able to hold long and stubborn hairs. And even more so for a long time, for a whole day. This one can, for which I thank him very much.

Price: 1505 rubles in Sephora.

Lip balm Afterglow Lip Balm, Nars

Limited edition shade of Wicked Ways

Solve the riddle: glitters, but not gold; persistent, but not eternal. The correct answer is a tin soldier. Because Nars balm is not resistant. Disappears from the lips in half an hour, the shade is almost not left. Leaving is barely felt. A nice cute toy.

Price: 2249 rubles.

Concealer Phenomenon Concealer, Sergei Naumov

If you have very light skin, and it is difficult to choose a concealer, keep in mind: the phenomenon palette may have what you need. I was holding in my hands the shade X18 (“X” is not “x”, but “HE-cold”), it is an order of magnitude lighter than those that go under the first number for many brands.

I liked the characteristics. The texture is fluid and light, but the masking abilities were higher than I expected. So that you understand: they even arranged a demanding Yulia in this matter -) I – on behalf of those who are concerned not with bruises, but with bags under the eyes-want to praise the concealer for something else. It has a reasonable minimum of light reflection. When you Wake up with puffiness, it’s not necessary.

Price: 2090 RUB. on the official website.

Holographic Nudes Palette, Sephora

I thought this palette would be akin to a cool business lunch. A good selection of basic shades for garnish, holographic images for hot dishes, compact size for dessert. But now I’m not so sure.

Matte shadows of good quality. They reminded me of IsaDora – silky to the touch, medium pigmented, a little dusty. The database is absolutely necessary. But there are no shining shades. Dry as chalk. The holographic effect is more like mother-of-pearl. Take for the sake of four matte ones? Well, I don’t know.

Price: 1050 to discounts in Sephora, 998 RUB on the map.

Mascara with the effect of push-up Long Story Mascara, Eva Mosaic

What kind of mascara do you think is good? Seven years ago, I would have answered: the one that gives the maximum volume, twisting, length. With a classic fluffy brush. All the others seemed to me to be about nothing. But now I think a little differently. Other mascara gives a different effect, and someone likes it too. I remember Yana and I even managed to argue about the lumps. Me – the horror, the horror. Her-a fashionable grunge effect.

Conclusion: a) what is considered a good mascara – the question is open (I am interested in your opinion, write in the comments); b) when reading reviews for specific products, I focus on the description of the effect, and not on the like/dislike rating.

Eva Mosaic Long Story Mascara practically does not thicken the lashes. But it separates, twists and extends. If you pre-curl them with a curler, it turns out a natural look of a little Bambi. The tips remain neat and thin as needles.

Silicone brush: for coloring the lower lashes, I have never met anything better. The brush itself spreads them out like a fan and divides them among themselves. No effort is required from me, just two movements – whoosh whoosh-and you’re done. The upper lashes are more complicated. To get closer to the roots, you need to increase the pressure on the brush, and this gets dirty the eyelid. The way out: relax your perfectionism 🙂or clean up your mistakes every time with a cotton swab. I’m cleaning it up.

Price: RUB 315 in the “Rive Gauche”.

Brushes A11, S18, S19, Annbeauty

I bought two brushes and asked Anya Kartashova what else to take for shading shadows on the lower eyelid. I thought she would now list 7 options to choose from or ask 17 clarifying questions, but she immediately handed me the S18.

Sephora Company


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