Yoga, the new painkiller?

Less joint pain, more energy, easier to perform daily tasks… such would be the benefits of a regular practice of hatha yoga, according to the results of a new study *.

Participants with arthritis followed a program – which combines a sequence of postures and breath control – two sessions per week, for two months. Result: their pain was reduced by 20% compared to the control group who had not done yoga. Their physical form was also improved: yogis could walk faster and were more active in everyday life.

So, all at yoga? Professor Bingham, initiator of this study, tempers. “Our teachers were experienced yoga teachers who had been trained to modify postures according to the individual abilities of each patient. So we talk to our specialist and get information on the site of the hatha yoga federation, before embarking on the downward dog posture, all alone on the living room carpet.

* parue dans The Journal of Rheumatology


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