Yoga to avoid high blood pressure

Those who regularly practice this trendy discipline know that yoga offers many physical benefits: relaxation, stress management, breathing control … It is therefore natural that Indian researchers from Sir Gangaram Hospital ( Delhi) wondered if regular practice could lower blood pressure. And the answer is yes ! In any case in patients with “borderline” hypertension, that is to say a higher than normal blood pressure but not considered pathological. For these “pre-ill”, daily changes are sometimes enough to avoid the disease and the daily intake of medication.

To arrive at their conclusions, the researchers separated into two groups 60 patients (in their fifties) thus suffering from prehypertension. The first changed their lifestyle (diet, sport) and practiced yoga for one hour a day, when the participants of the other group only changed their daily hygiene. After three months, the scientists observed a drop in diastolic blood pressure (the one noted when the heart muscle is in the relaxation phase, corresponding to the second measured figure, for example 120/80) in the yoga group. No difference in blood pressure was found in the second group. Although modest, this decrease is sufficient, according to researchers, to lower cardiovascular risks. More research is needed to understand how simple posture and breathing exercises can act on the pressure of blood on the walls of our arteries.

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