you can spend your summer at pension Kellerman!

To relive Baby and Johnny’s wonderful summer, it is possible to stay in the Kellerman pension from Dirty Dancing!

The Kellerman pension, which has so much made fans of the film “Dirty Dancing” dream, still welcomes tourists. This is’a dream destination for lovers ! MCE reveals more.

Did you dream of it? It is now possible! Indeed, all fans of the film “Dirty Dancing” could qualify the Kellerman pension as incredible.

I have to say that the love story between Baby and Johnny, their vacation idleness and this so magical carried in the lake have something to do with it!

Without forgetting, of course, thethe beauty of the place. Between the more than charming wooden cabins, the rustic stone walls and this sparkling lake, you couldn’t find better.

And that’s good because this wonderful place really exists. No, these are not jokes. The Kellerman guesthouse hotel is called the Mountain Lake Hotel.

In “Dirty Dancing”, the latter is located in New York State. But in real life, it is necessary push to Pembroke, Virginia, to stay there.

However, all the buildings and retro decoration remained as they were. What to have the impression of live in the 60s, alongside Baby.

Dirty Dancing lives again

It’s well known. Like all film fans, those of “Dirty Dancing” would dream of immersing themselves in this universe so magical.

So the rulers of the pension offer themed weekends. In the program ? A screening of the film to get in the bath.

But also a ball, dance lessons andt an essential treasure hunt. It’s very simple: the residents put themselves in the shoes of Jennifer Gray (60 years old) and Patrick Swayze at 100%.

However, staying in the Dirty Dancing hotel comes at a cost! Indeed, it is necessary spend between 150 and 500 dollars depending on the size and location of the cabin. But when we love, we don’t count …