You don’t need it! 5 hairstyles that are no longer in vogue: from fairy braids to wow bangs

Trends come and go, and what was fashionable yesterday is outlawed today. In our selection of 5 hairstyles that are out of fashion and their worthy alternative.

Pigtails like a forest fairy

Even 10 years ago it seemed to us that the more complex the braid, the steeper. We wore them with evening dresses and leather jackets. Today, fantasy patterns and voluminous weaving are under a fashionable ban – leave them to the heroines of Game of Thrones. But this does not mean that braids are out of fashion – they just changed shape. Swap out intricate braids for two classic braids, as was done at the Dior runway, or simply braid one loose braid with loose strands. The hairstyle should not look like you tried (even though it is), just a slight negligence, only grunge.

Volume spray with sea salt, Davines, 1940 rubles

Volume spray with sea salt, Davines, 1940 rubles

Bouffant, he’s a cook

No more hairsprays and volumizing bouffants. Firstly, it is very traumatic for the hair, and secondly, it looks unnatural and old-fashioned. And if the stylist, creating your evening hairstyle, takes out a thin comb for a pile – run! Today, there are so many root volume products that actually add volume and not a tangled ball of hair under cover. Stylish styling should be airy, create it with light waves and texturizing sprays.

If you are offered to do a bouffant – run!

Lotion for root volume, Kevin.Murphy, 690 rubles

Root Volume Lotion, Kevin. Murphy, 690 rubles

Perfect curls

The era of perfect curls, which lay strand to strand, is in the past. Naturalness is in fashion. How to check how relevant your curls are? Rate and answer, are there the same natural styling? While curling your curls, you should look like a girl with wavy hair, not like a doll. A great alternative is beach waves, curls with straight ends on an iron or afro curls. Check out the styling from Alexandre Vauthier and Azzaro for inspiration.

The simpler the braid is, the better. Forget about Greek and French weaves if you want to be trendy.

“Disheveled” shells

No, we’re not talking about classic buns that never go out of style. Spring hairstyles based on a bun of curls fall under the fashion embargo. Remember those bridal hairstyles that looked like a basket of hair or at least a tiara. Forget it! A bunch today can be of two types: careless or as neat as possible, there is no middle one. Dasha Zhukova demonstrated a fashionable example of a wedding bun at her own wedding in St. Moritz, Switzerland. Get inspired!

Bulky bangs

For a couple of years now, stylists have relieved us of the need to wrap straight bangs on brushing while drying. But the habit has remained with many, and if you recognize yourself, put the round comb aside. The best styling for your bangs is your own hair texture. In general, this year the ball is ruled by Jane Birkin’s bangs: torn, elongated at the sides and careless (yes, again!).


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