Your eyelids are heavy, your pain is mild

The practice of hypnosis in the medical field has been developing for several years, inviting cancer services to delivery rooms, including palliative care. It must be said that it gives good results in certain cases. This is confirmed by an Inserm report submitted to the Directorate General of Health, based on the results of 69 clinical trials on different hypnosis techniques.

This modified state of consciousness, which requires the patient’s full cooperation, makes it possible to reduce the quantity of analgesics or sedatives delivered in the context of certain examinations or procedures (breast biopsy, extraction of wisdom teeth). Inserm also points out the usefulness of regular hypnotherapy sessions to limit digestive symptoms in patients with irritable bowel syndrome.

Regarding EMDR, a desensitization technique by eye movements, the report confirms its interest in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Finally, even if the public establishment does not conclude that hypnosis is proven to be effective in all areas (smoking cessation in particular), it is reassuring: “No adverse effects appear to be attributable to this unconventional medicine. “Supervised by professionals, so you can let yourself go …


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