Zoë Kravitz, Sophie Turner, Hailey Baldwin … the most beautiful wedding dresses of the stars

White or colorful, traditional or original, simple or luxurious: a review of the most beautiful wedding dresses of celebrities.

Whether you’re famous or not, finding the perfect wedding dress is always a nerve-wracking quest. For any woman, the chosen model will have to sublime without hindering, that it be the best company from dawn until dawn.

The most beautiful celebrity wedding dresses:

A dress of your own

So yeah, maybe celebrities don’t have to struggle with a shoestring budget (when a designer friend doesn’t dress them gracefully). And they are certainly better advised in their choice, because surrounded by people infiltrated in the world of fashion. Although some appearances on the red carpet have something to make us doubt the wisdom of their recommendations …

In video, the most beautiful wedding dresses in cinema:

Still, for Audrey Hepburn, Miley Cyrus, or Rose Leslie, the search for the perfect bridal outfit has to be fundamentally similar to ours. But be reassured, for them as for the common people, it is possible to find perfection; this dress made for us, in complete symbiosis with our personality. The proof in pictures.

This article, which has been updated, was originally published on 08/27/2015.


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